Land O Lakes

Welcome To The Grand Mesa Scenic Byway

Land O Lakes

View of Valley Floor from Land O Lakes Overlook

Traverse countryside once used by the Utes for hunting grounds, where pioneers grazed cattle, and former Olympic skiers play.

You will see why people, for decades, have loved the Grand Mesa.

It’s big . . . very big! You won’t find crowds on the lakes, the trails are not congested and you can discover your own outdoor happy place, a recreational paradise.

Cyclists revel in lung busting climbs, rolling singletrack and miles of backroads. Fishers cast for seven species of trout.

The largest flat-top mountain in the world is one of Colorado’s best kept secrets.
Powderhorn ski area with year round lodging and a new summer bike park is one of the many attractions along the byway. Take time to stroll around the Town of Mesa. Meet the locals and learn the best places to play.  In Cedaredge, where miles of orchards meet the aspens,  you’ll find historic Pioneer Town, gift shops, lodges, camping and B&B’s, restaurants, wineries, cider tastings, brewery, galleries and golf.